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Information for schools and institutions who want to offer Cambridge English exams

If you would like to offer Cambridge English exams at your institution, you can work with us by becoming a preparation centre or an authorised exam centre

A preparation centre is a school or institution that prepares and enters candidates for our exams through one of our authorised exam centres. To become a preparation centre, please contact your local authorised exam centre, who will advise you about how you can work with them. You can find contact details for our authorised exam centres and information about the benefits of becoming a preparation centre on our website.

There are two kinds of authorised exam centres: 'open' and 'internal' centres. Only open centres are able to accept candidates from other institutions, so you'll need to contact an open centre if you are interested in becoming a preparation centre.

Authorised exam centres administer and actively promote Cambridge English exams. If there are no centres in your area and you are interested in offering Cambridge English exams you can submit an initial enquiry by completing our centre approval enquiry form. There are specific requirements that your institution would be expected to meet in order to become an authorised exam centre, which can be found on our website. Authorised exam centres are expected to enter a minimum of 100 candidates a year. If you do not have a sufficient number of candidates you should consider becoming a preparation centre.

For further information, please visit our website

Teaching Qualification Centres

Teaching Qualification centres run our teacher training qualifications, a full list of which can be found on our website. If you wish to apply to run courses, you need to have been operating as an English language centre/department for at least three years and must be accredited by the relevant local accreditation agency. If you would like to submit an initial enquiry please complete our online application form

IELTS Centres

IELTS Centres are authorised by the British Council and IDP Education Australia. Please contact the British Council and/or IDP Education Australia directly for information on applying to become an IELTS centre. Their contact  details are:

British Council 
Visit or email: 

IDP Education Australia 
Visit or email:


Information about applying to become a BULATS Agent can be found in the Quick Guide to Becoming an Agent. If you would like to apply, please read the information about the role of a BULATS Agent and complete our online application form

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