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Request pretests

Please request pretests using the online order form below.

If you would like to request pretests for IELTS, please complete this form.

If you would like to request pretests for CaMLA, please complete this form.

Further to submission of the form you will be contacted by a member of the pretesting team to confirm arrangements for the pretest.

While we endeavour to match pretesting requirements, we are not always able to fulfil all requests received.  When considering requests preference will be given to those centres who have consistently returned materials, including completed anchors, over the last year. 


Pretesting materials will be despatched to your registered pretest address. If your address has changed please:

- fill out this form if you offer live Cambridge English exams.

- fill out this form if you only offer Pretesting exams.


If you have issues completing this form in Internet Explorer, please try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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