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Once your agent has allocated you tests, a batch of generic candidate logins can then be created for the session.


Adding a Batch of Candidates

The main way to enter candidates to a test is to add a batch of generic candidate logins. Once candidates complete the Candidate Information Screen at the start of their test, the login they use will be linked with their personal details submitted on the Candidate Information Screen.

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a batch of candidates:


Producing Candidate Login Information

Once you have created a batch of candidates, you can produce the Candidate Login Information.  This is a PDF report that contains the User ID, Password and Institution ID so candidate's can login to the exam.  It has one page per candidate so you can distribute them to the candidate's easily.  As the logins are generic, it doesn't matter which login a candidate uses.  Once they start a test, they will complete the Candidate Information Form and then it will link the Login to their personal details.

Withdrawing Candidates

Candidates that are entered into specific sessions can be withdrawn if required.  This will free up their test for use by another candidate.

This tutorial demonstrates how to withdraw a candidate:

Unlocking Candidates

If a candidate enters their login details incorrectly on five consecutive occasions their account will be locked for 30 minutes.  Please contact our helpdesk here if you need them unlocked.  

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