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The Cambridge English Test Portal (also known as Metrica) is an online portal used to administer Linguaskill Tests.

Below is a step-by-step guide for setting up, running tests and producing results for Linguaskill tests in the Cambridge English Test Portal.  We recommend following each step in order, however, please note some are not essential and this is mentioned under those steps below.  Each step then has a link to further information and interactive tutorials.

When viewing the tutorials, use the 'Try Steps' mode to perform each action yourself and progress through the slides while following the instructions on the left of the screen.
In 'View Steps' mode, you can scroll through a quick glance of all the steps. This mode is also available on mobile devices.

We recommend using the Full Screen mode for the tutorials so they display correctly.  Please note each article may take up to a few minutes to load.

You should already have your Login, but if not please let us know by getting in touch with the Helpdesk here.


Step-by-Step guide:

Please follow these steps to setup and run tests through the Cambridge English Test Portal:

1. Venues

You will have been provided with a default Location and Venue.

If you require additional Venues at your Location, we can add them for you.


2. Users

If you require any additional user accounts, please speak to your Agent.  They can create them for you.


3. Sessions

A default session will already have been created for you, however, you can create additional sessions if you wish.

Additional sessions can be used to organise your tests, for example, if you have two Locations you may wish to create a session for each Location to keep them separate.

The following article contains tutorials on how to add and activate new sessions:



4. Test Management

You can view how many tests you have available and order more from your agent.

This page has further details on how to do this:

Test Management


5. Managing Entries

The main way to enter candidates to a test is to add a batch of generic candidate logins.  Once candidates complete the Candidate Information Screen at the start of their test, the login they use will be linked with their personal details submitted on the Candidate Information Screen.

This page contains full details on adding, withdrawing and unlocking candidates, and exporting their login details:

Managing Entries


6. Add existing candidates / making candidates eligible for multiple exams

You can add existing candidates to a session if needed.  This makes them eligible for the exam from each session they're added to and when they login, they'll have access to each separate exam.

This page contains further details and instructions on this:

Adding Existing Candidates


7. Candidate takes the test

The test is now ready to run.  Candidates use the same website to run the test.

This page shows the candidate's test experience:

Candidate Test Experience


8. Access Candidate results

Once candidates have completed the test, you can view candidate's results via the portal.

This page explains how to access the candidate's results:

Accessing Results




Technical Requirements

Computers used to run any tests on the Cambridge English Test Portal must meet the minimum requirements details on this page:

Technical Requirements



An FAQ for the Cambridge English Test Portal can be viewed here:

Cambridge English Test Portal FAQ


Candidate Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start guide demonstrates how to setup and start a Linguaskill exam on the candidates computer.

Candidate Quick Start Guide



Sample Tests

The Sample test is not for use by candidates as a practice, instead it just gives a demonstration of how the exam looks so you can show other members of staff or anyone else interested in the test.

Sample Tests



Still need help?

If you have any questions about Cambridge English Test Portal, please get in touch.

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