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Application form - Round 8


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Guidance for completing the application form  


  1. Please complete all fields.
  2. Follow the word limit specified under each text box. You can copy and paste text into the text boxes.
  3. You can save your application form and resume work on it within 30 days using the link provided.
  4. In the Researchers section, you can add details of up to 5 additional Researchers by clicking the checkbox provided.
  5. For Research Assistants, please tick the box only if you already know their details. You can add details of up to 5 Research Assistants to the application. If you have not yet recruited Research Assistants, just include general Research Assistance costs in the Budget section.
  6. In the Research Overview section, you will have the option to upload your research proposal in either Word or PDF format. Please include research questions, research design and method, implications for Cambridge English and the wider field, including references. Do not exceed 1500 words.
  7. In the Budget section, select ‘Existing supplier’ if you/your institution have undertaken previous work for Cambridge English and enter your supplier number in the box provided. Otherwise select ‘New supplier’ and we will arrange for a new supplier number to be allocated if your proposal is selected for funding.
  8. For costs incurred for Administrative support, Travel and Resources, please provide additional details in the space provided.
  9. The total cost will be calculated automatically, based on the daily rate and the number of days you enter for each Researcher and Research Assistant. You should provide the cost details for each Researcher and Research Assistant who you listed in the Researchers section.
  10. You should seek approval from your institution's ethics committee before submitting your proposal, if applicable, and/or provide a link to the ethical guidelines you will follow and briefly explain how your research will meet these guidelines. Please use the box provided in the Declarations section to indicate this.
  11. By submitting the form, you acknowledge that all information you have provided is correct and you will agree to abide by the Cambridge English rules for publication and presentation of the results of your research project.


Application Form


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