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Help your students learn English in a way that is practical, fun and communicative by making friends with other English students around the world. Your students can write and share cards with students at another school in the world via the Cambridge English Penfriends card exchange site. Get started today – it’s free!

 Join Cambridge English Penfriends to: 

  • enhance English study with access to new, fun classroom activities
  • help your students practice reading and writing in English
  • connect to your choice of school in another part of the world, safely and easily
  • download a lesson plan and view suggested themes for cards
  • show students that English is practical, helping them communicate internationally
  • build your students’ confidence as they communicate in English with another student. 

Forming a relationship with another school with Penfriends cards gives your school the opportunity for building greater collaboration, which can lead to exchanging more letters,  arranging a video conference or even a school exchange. Cambridge English Penfriends gets you started with all you need to exchange cards with another school, as well as providing a poster, certificate, web banner and more! Get started today by joining the Penfriends network of schools.


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