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If you’re working for a university, college, employer or other recognising organisation, you can verify results for most Cambridge English examinations online via the Cambridge English Results Verification Service.


This free service allows you to check that a student’s results are genuine in a matter of minutes. In addition, photos taken on the day of the test help you check that the person who presented their results to you is the same person that took the test. You will also be able to download the student’s result and print it if required.

What do I need to verify a candidate's result?

In order to verify a candidate's result the exam needs to be available on the Results Verification Service website (Click here for a list of exams that qualify). You will also need the Candidate’s ID and Secret number.

The Candidate ID is a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. SIR094701) and the Secret number is a 4 digit pin number (e.g. 8482).

Both numbers can be found on the Confirmation of Entry which the candidate will have received when they registered for their exam. If the candidate does not have these details, they will need to obtain these from their exam centre.

For further information please see our website here or download the Results Verification Service user guide.

What if I cannot use the Results Verification Service?

For exams that are not on Results Verification Service (e.g. exams taken before 2005, teaching qualifications etc.), please submit the Manual Verification Request Form for Recognising Organisations here

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