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Cambridge English offer a range of teaching qualifications and courses for schools, governmental agencies and Higher Education Institutions:

For Schools or Governments For Higher Education Institutions
CELT-P & CELT-S Certificate in EMI Skills
Language for Teaching  
Train the Trainer  

For further information about these qualifications/courses, click on their names above.

Institutions and agencies interested in these qualifications/courses

Please complete the enquiry form below to receive a free course sample or to find out more.

Teachers and lecturers interested in these qualifications/courses

We cannot offer these qualifications/courses to you directly (or offer you a sample), as they are designed to be run by an administrator for a group of teachers. If you're interested in one or more of these qualifications/courses however, you might consider:

1. Recommending the qualification/course to your employer/education authority

Let your employer/education authority know about the qualification/course you're interested in and ask them to consider running it.

2. Taking one of our other teaching qualifications

We offer a range of other teaching qualifications for new and experienced English language teachers.

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