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Results for most Cambridge English exams are now reported using the Cambridge English Scale:

  • Cambridge English: Key, Key for Schools (from February 2016)
  • Cambridge English: Preliminary, Preliminary for Schools (from February 2016)
  • Cambridge English: First, First for Schools (from January 2015)
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (from January 2015)
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency (from January 2015)
  • Cambridge English: Business Certificates (from February 2016)

Cambridge English Scale scores replace the candidate profile and standardised scores which were used previously and provide you with a more detailed break-down of how you performed in your exam.

For more information on the Cambridge English Scale click here.

For details of how results are reported for exams not listed above, check our website.

What will my results look like and how do I access them?

After your exam, you will be able to view your Statement of Results on the Results Online website. The results will be available by the date listed on your Confirmation of Entry. If you haven't received a Confirmation of Entry or details of how to register for the Results Online website, speak to your exam centre, who will be able to help you.

Click the image below to see an example Statement of Results.

Your Statement of Results will include:

  • Your result - the final grade you obtained for your exam.
  • Your overall score - your overall Cambridge English Scale score for the whole exam.
  • Your CEFR level - the Common European Framework of Reference level that you achieved.
  • Your individual component scores - your Cambridge English Scale score for each of the skills measured by the exam; Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking (and Use of English for some exams). With these individual scores you easily see how you performed across the exam and which skills you may need to improve on.

You can find more detailed information about your results on the Results page for your exam:

Exams taken prior to Cambridge English Scale

For any of the exams listed above you can find pre-Cambridge English Scale results information on the Results page of your exam under the tab 'Results before 2016'.

Information for teachers

Information for teachers, including fact sheets with guidance on how to convert practice test scores to Cambridge English Scale scores can be found on the Cambridge English Scale for teachers page.

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