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Which exam should I take?


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Cambridge English Language Assessment offers a number of qualifications at a wide range of difficulty levels, suitable for a variety of needs.

While we cannot recommend which test will be best for you, the following sections of our website might help you in choosing the right exam to meet your needs.

  • There is a quick, free online test of English on our website. This test is designed to give you some idea of your level of English and will tell you which of our exams may be most suitable for you.
  • If you are required to take a test at a particular level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) then please click here to see a list of our exams at each CEFR level. You can also find information on the Cambridge English Scale and how it relates to the CEFR here.
  • If you need to take an exam for immigration purposes, there is further information in the Cambridge English for visas and immigration section of our site. 
Whichever exam you choose, our network of authorised exam centres will be able to help you enter for an exam. They can also tell you how much your exam will cost, and give you advice on preparing for the exam.
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