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Can I take your exams or teaching qualifications online?


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Cambridge English exams must be taken under supervised exam conditions at an authorised exam centre. They cannot be taken online.

We do offer computer-based versions of many of our exams, which follow the same format as the paper-based exams. These are still taken in person, at an authorised centre. You can search for centres offering computer-based exams on our website, here

We also offer an online version of BULATS (Business Language Testing Service), though this is usually also taken in exam conditions at an approved venue. To search for a BULATS Agent offering the BULATS Online test, please click here.

Teaching Qualifications

Practical teaching experience is an important part of most Cambridge English teaching qualifications, and so they cannot be taken entirely online.

We do offer a blended learning version of the CELTA course; the Cambridge CELTA Course Online. Much of this course is completed online, but there are still some elements, such as assessed face-to-face teaching practice, which need to be completed in person at an authorised teaching qualifications centre. The CELTA Course Online offers more flexibility if you are looking to take a course which will fit more easily around your normal schedule. You can search for a teaching qualifications centre offering the CELTA Course Online here.

There are also a number of distance learning Delta programmes such as the Distance Delta, offered by International House and Delta Online, offered by Bell Educational Trust. These courses also include face-to-face elements, but may be more suited to you if you are looking for a more flexible course. If you are interested in taking one of these courses, please contact the course provider directly.

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