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When will my results be available?


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Information for candidates who have taken a Cambridge English exam

Results for Cambridge English exams are released as quickly as possible within a period of time known as a results release window. All results are released as soon as they are ready, which is why some candidates may receive their results before others.

The length of the window depends on the exam you have taken, but it is usually around two weeks long. Results release windows for paper-based exams normally start around four to five weeks after the exam date. Results release windows for computer-based exams normally start about two weeks after the exam. 

When you entered for your exam, your exam centre should have provided you with a Confirmation of Entry document, telling you the final date by which your results will be available. If you have not received your results by this date, please contact your centre who will be able to assist you.

You can register for our Results Online website to receive an email as soon as your results are available. You can register using the ID and secret number on your Confirmation of Entry. If you have lost these details, please contact your centre and they will be able to re-issue these for you.


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