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Can I see my exam papers?


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Results information for Cambridge English candidates

It is not possible to see your completed exam papers either before or after your results are issued. We are unable to release your exam papers or any other work that you completed as part of your exam to you. This is part of the Cambridge English Language Assessment Regulations, which you can view here

After completing a Cambridge English exam, you will receive a Statement of Results. This document gives you lots of useful information about your performance in the exam.

From January 2015 Cambridge English: First, First for Schools, Advanced and Proficiency results  are reported using the Cambridge English Scale.

These examinations have improved versions of the Statement of Results, which include:

  • Your result - the final grade you obtained for your exam. 
  • Your overall score - your overall Cambridge English Scale score for the whole exam.
  • Your CEFR level - the Common European Framework of Reference level that you achieved.
  • Your individual component scores - your Cambridge English Scale score for each of the skills measured by the exam; Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of English. With these individual scores you can more easily see how you performed across the exam and which skills you may need to improve on.

More details on the Cambridge English Scale can be found by clicking here.

Until Cambridge English: Key, Key for Schools, Preliminary, Preliminary for Schools and Cambridge English: Business Certificates change to the Cambridge English Scale in February/March 2016, they will continue to be reported using standardised scores and the older style of Statement of Results.

This document shows:

  • your candidate result, based on your total score in all three papers
  • a graphical display of your performance in each paper (shown against the scale Exceptional – Good – Borderline – Weak)
  • a standardised score out of 100, so you can see exactly how you performed. It has set values for each grade, allowing comparison across sessions of the exam.

You can see an example of a Statement of Results before the introduction of Cambridge English Scale in the following document: Cambridge English: Key Statement of Results (2014).

You can use the score converter to compare results reported before January 2015 (or  February/March 2016) with Cambridge English Scale scores.

If you have any concerns about your results, please speak to your exam centre, who can give you advice about the Results Enquiry process, should you wish to query your results. 

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