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Can I have another copy of my certificate?


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Information for candidates who have taken a Cambridge English exam

Cambridge English candidates are issued with one copy of their certificate. However, if your certificate is damaged or you have lost it, we have processes in place to help.  

If you have lost your certificate or you need proof that you have passed an exam, you can apply for a Certifying Statement.  

A Certifying Statement contains all of the information found on your original certificate, is validated by us and can be used as official evidence of your results - for university or job applications for example. 

If you would like to apply for a Certifying Statement, please complete the correct online application form: 

The form will explain how much it will cost and how long it will take. If you need your Certifying Statement urgently you can select the fast track service which will result in your application being processed within 7 working days from when we receive confirmation of payment. There is a further charge for this service.

You can find more information about our procedures for lost or damaged certificates on our support site here

If your name is different to what is displayed on your certificate, please see this article for information on what to do.


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