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BULATS: Candidate test interrupted - what to do next


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BULATS Online tests can be interrupted for a number of different reasons such as interruptions to Internet connectivity or loss of power. BULATS Online has been designed to allow candidate tests to be easily resumed in the event of such an outage.

Here are some things to consider when resuming a test:

  • Re-entering the token within eight hours of stopping the test will allow the candidate to continue from where they finished.
  • After eight hours, the BULATS Agent will need to reactivate the token before it can be re-entered. The candidate will still continue from where they were when the problem occurred.
  • Tokens cannot be given to a different candidate once the candidate information at the beginning of the test has been completed, even if the tokens are reactivated. Agents should therefore avoid giving candidates new tokens in the event of experiencing difficulties.
If you have any more questions about what to do when BULATS Online tests get interrupted, please check our support site or get in touch.
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