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BULATS: "An error has occurred" when entering token


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Information for Test Administrators running BULATS Online tests

There are three reasons why you or a candidate might see a message saying An error has occurred when entering a BULATS token.

BULATS error message.PNG

The token has been entered incorrectly

If the token details are entered incorrectly, the message An error has occurred will be shown. If your candidate sees this message, please check that the token has been entered exactly as displayed in the original email sent to you. If possible, we would recommend that you copy and paste the token number from the email to ensure that the token has been entered correctly.

The token is being entered into the wrong site

The BULATS Online candidate test site and the BULATS Online demo site look exactly the same, but have different URLs. If your candidate is getting an error message, please check that they are on the correct site. The correct URL is:

The BULATS Online Demo site ( should not be used for candidate tests and entering a token here will result in this error.

The token has expired

If a BULATS Online test is interrupted part way through, the token will remain active for eight hours. During this time you can re-enter the token and the candidate can continue the test from where they were interrupted. After eight hours, the token will expire and it will need to be reactivated it before it can be used again. If a candidate tries to re-enter a token which has not been reactivated more than eight hours after an interruption, they will see the error message, as shown above.

To reactivate a token, you'll need to log in to the BULATS Online Admin Portal using your Agent/Direct Customer details and select Reactivate Token. On the new screen, enter the token number and click Search. Details of the token will then appear and the token can be reactivated.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to reactivate a token:


You will not be able to reactivate tokens using a Test Administrator login - this must be done using an Agent/Direct Customer login.

If a test is interrupted, no candidate responses will be lost and candidates should not be given a new token.

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