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BULATS: "FMS NetConnection attempt failed" error


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Information for customers running BULATS Online Speaking Tests

FMS is the Flash Media Server which is used to stream test content and audio to the BULATS Online application which runs in the candidate's browser. If you are receiving an error message stating "FMS NetConnection attempt failed" - as shown below - this usually means that a local firewall is preventing BULATS Online from sending information to, or receiving audio from, the flash media server over port 1935. This error message typically occurs after candidate registration but before the microphone check.


In order to resolve the issue; 

  • Port 1935 must be assigned to the RTMP protocol.
  • Port 80 must be assigned to the HTTP protocol.
  • Port 443 must be assigned to HTTPS protocol.

All three ports must also be open for both outgoing and incoming traffic on all firewalls.

Please note that some firewalls reject traffic that does not use the HTTP protocol. This behaviour can prevent communication over RTMP even if port 1935 is open. In such a case the firewall will therefore need to be configured to allow RMTP traffic. If you are unsure how to configure the firewall(s), please speak to the IT Network Administrator either for your office or the client company where the tests are being held. 

Once the firewall changes have been made, you should be able to run the test successfully. If not, please get in touch and we'll be happy to investigate for you.

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