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Cambridge English is making grant funding available for research projects to be conducted during 2017-18. Educational institutions and qualified researchers are invited to submit research proposals.

For Round 8, we are particularly interested in research proposals related to the use and impact of our language exams and teaching qualifications for accessing higher education, e.g. through pathway programmes.


Research topics of interest

All proposals should relate to one of the following areas and sub-topics:


  1. Test validation
  2. Contexts of test use
  3. Test impact
  4. Learning Oriented Assessment 
  5. Adaptive language learning and assessment 



With regard to English language exams and teaching qualifications we are interested in:

  1. The impact of assessment on language learning, teaching practices and language policy
  2. Stakeholder perceptions towards Cambridge English exams and teaching qualifications (e.g. students, institutions, ministries)
  3. The impact of Cambridge English exams and teaching qualifications on lifelong language learning and progression in EMI (English Medium of Instruction), CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and other contexts
  4. Different types of test validity for a specific group of candidates or context
  5. The impact of digital technology/edtech on assessment and language learning in a specific context. 


Level and Duration of Funding

Successful proposals will receive funding of up to GBP 15,000 including institutional overheads. Project duration is as in the schedule below and the research undertaken will be covered by a research agreement.


Schedule for Round 8

15 February 2017

Call for proposals

6 June 2017 

Deadline for proposal submission

12 June 2017

All applicants notified

June/July 2017

Successful applicants sign research agreement and finalise data requirements/research design

Aug/Sept 2017

Research projects commence

08 January 2018  

Interim reports submitted

18 June 2018

Final reports submitted


Evaluation Criteria

The Funded Research Committee will evaluate all proposals using the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of topic to Cambridge English and contribution to knowledge more widely
  2. Sound theoretical basis and evidence of a rigorous research design
  3. Relevance of researchers’ experience
  4. Potential for practical outcomes
  5. Potential for publication


We will notify all applicants of the outcome of their submission and provide brief feedback on unsuccessful proposals.


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