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1) Who is eligible for funding?

This funding programme is open to any researcher, both independent or affiliated with an institution. PhD and Masters’ students are not eligible for funding through this programme. There is no geographical restriction on where funded research takes place.

2) Can someone who has received funding re-apply another year?

Yes, any researcher may submit a proposal, whether they have received funding in the past or not. 

3) Will Cambridge English provide researchers with data or should they collect their own?

Cambridge English can provide researchers with data or test materials based on the relevance, nature and amount of data requested. It is advisable to check our website for any publicly available data and materials, including reliability data, grade statistics and sample test materials.

4) Are there submission guidelines?

There are guidance notes alongside the online application form.

5) Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, an individual or institution can submit up to two proposals, but each Proposal Form needs to be completed in full.

6) What does the research agreement cover?

Successful applicants will sign a contract with the University of Cambridge, as Cambridge English sit within Cambridge Assessment, which is a department of the University. The research agreement sets out the terms for the project and administration of the funding, covering:

  • funding arrangements
  • timetable
  • scope of research
  • ethical guidelines
  • security of data and materials
  • acknowledgement of research support
  • Cambridge English to be offered for comment a copy of all papers based on funded research before they are submitted for publication
  • IP rights and exploitation

7) Can research funds be allocated to a senior colleague if they have no direct involvement in the research?

Yes. Please include your name as Lead Researcher and add their name in brackets after the host institution name you enter under Lead Researcher 1. 

8) Can I recruit research assistants after obtaining the grant?

Yes. Please ensure that you indicate how many Research Assistants and number of days of their time are required in the Budget section.

9) In the Budget section what can I claim for?

You can include staff costs (number of days for each named researcher and/or research assistant at the relevant institutional rate, i.e. including overheads/on-costs); travel (in-country, NOT overseas) and resources (expensive items such as PCs or printers are NOT covered).

10) Who administers the research funding?

The research funding is paid to the Lead Researcher's institution (or directly to non-affiliated researchers) and is administered by their grant office or equivalent. The Lead Researcher or their institution is responsible for allocating the funding as required. 

11) What are the requirements for publication or presentation of the funded research findings?

Cambridge English requires acknowledgement of its support in any publication or presentation based on the research and to be offered for comment a copy of all papers before publication or presentation. Intellectual property rights and exploitation of the research are also covered in the research agreement.

12) What about the intellectual property of the funded research?

Cambridge English and the Lead Researcher's institution (or the Lead Researcher, if independent) will have equal rights in the IP created or developed during the research. Cambridge English will have the right to make use of the interim and final reports including their publication.

13) Will funding of less than GBP 15,000 awarded?

Yes. Proposals can include a budget up to the maximum funding amount of GBP 15,000. Please provide a realistic budget as Cambridge English reserves the right to ask you to revise the budget.

14) Do you require a daily rate or an hourly rate for researchers?

In the Budget section please indicate a daily rate for each researcher plus any support staff (in GBP) and the number of days required for the research project.

15) Are the IELTS exams included in this funding programme?

No. Researchers interested in undertaking research related to IELTS should apply to the IELTS Joint Funded Research Programme.





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