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Registering for an exam using the online booking system


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Information for candidates who want to register for a Cambridge English exam

Once you have decided which of the Cambridge English exams you would like to take, the next step will be to choose where and when you'd like to sit the test. The tutorial below demonstrates how to find and register for an exam session near you.

You can use the online booking system to search for centres offering the following exams:

Go to and click in the&nbsp;<b>Exam Name Field</b>.

Start typing the name of the exam you want, and a list of similar exams will appear in the drop-down menu. Select the one you want.

Click in Locations.<br><br>Start typing the city or country where you're interested in taking the exam.

Find the <b>Location</b> you want from the drop down menu.

<b></b>Once you have entered the details for the exam and location you want,&nbsp;<br>click <b>Search for an exam</b>.

<b></b>Here are the details of the exam date, including the speaking test date. If you want to proceed, click&nbsp;<b>Book</b>.

Now you can see details about the centre and the exam. Click on&nbsp;<b>Book exam </b>if this suits you.

Type your email address and press Tab.

<span class="">Type your email again in the&nbsp;<b style="font-style: italic;">Please re-enter email address</b></span>&nbsp;field and press Tab.

Type your first name and press Tab.

Type your last name and press Tab.

Click on the Date of birth field. You will then be presented with a month-by-view calendar. <br><br>Use the left and right arrows to select the correct month.<br>

To change the year, you will need to click on the year. The arrows will now allow you to change years.

Select the correct date.

Select the most suitable option from the drop down list.

Type in your passport or national identity number.

Type in your address.

Type in your Postal/ Zip Code.

Type in the city.

Click the&nbsp;<b>Country&nbsp;</b>field.

Select&nbsp;<b></b>the correct country from the drop down list.

Type in your telephone number.

Type in your mobile phone number.

If you would like to request any Special Arrangements or assistance for your exam, click on the&nbsp;<b>Special Arrangements&nbsp;</b>field.<br><br>Please view&nbsp;our public website for more information.&nbsp;

Type in the assistance that you would like to receive in order to take the exam.<br><br>Please speak to your school if you need help with this section.

If you've studied for the exam through a school, click the drop down menu under&nbsp;<b>School</b>.

Select the&nbsp;<b>School</b> where you studied from the drop down menu.<br><br>If it is in the list please select it. If not don't worry.

Click on Register student for exam.<br><br>That's it. You're done.


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