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Viewing Sessions and Bookings


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Checking sessions that have been made available to you, and viewing the candidate registrations.

Once a centre has made their test sessions available to you, you can view these in the system. You can also view any bookings you have made. Bookings are sessions for which you have entered candidates. 

Instructions for viewing sessions and bookings can be found in the tutorial below:

The first step is to open <span><i><b></b></i></span><b><i><a href="" title="Link:"></a></i></b>&nbsp;and click <span><b>Log in.<br><br></b>You will be prompted to enter your email address and password. If you have forgotten your log in details please contact the test centres that you work with.<b><br><br></b></span>

<u></u>Once logged in, you will see a list of the sessions that are available to you. This list can be found on the&nbsp;<b>Sessions&nbsp;</b>tab, which will be open when you log in.<br><br>From here you can see the session details, including the deadlines for entries and payments.

To view more details about the session, click on the name of the exam.&nbsp;<u></u>

A window will open showing you the details of the exam session, including the exam date, Speaking test date, deadlines for entries and payments, the results release date, price per entry and exam venue.&nbsp;<br><br>

If you have any questions about the exam session information you see here, please contact the test centre directly for assistance.<br><br>If you work with more than one test centre, you can check the centre number on the right-hand side.&nbsp;

To close this window, click&nbsp;<b>Close</b>.

To view your bookings, click on the&nbsp;<b>Bookings</b> tab.&nbsp;

A window will appear showing a list of the candidates you have registered for this session.&nbsp;

A window will appear showing you the details of the bookings, including the exam dates and times, the venue, the number of candidates you have registered, the entry fee per candidate and the total fee.&nbsp;

To see the details of the candidates you have registered, click&nbsp;<b>Preview</b>.

A window will appear showing a list of the candidates you have registered for this session.&nbsp;<br><br>You can search for specific candidates using the search bar at the top of the window.&nbsp;

If you would like to see more details for a candidate click on their name.&nbsp;

A window will open showing you the details of the candidate, including their name, ID number, contact details and payment status.&nbsp;

To go back to the previous page, click&nbsp;<b>Close</b>.

To go back, press&nbsp;<b>Close.</b>

To go back to the Bookings tab, click&nbsp;<b>Close</b>.

That's it. You're done.

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